Wedding review by Lada

Iako sam kroz godine imao čast fotografirati mnoga divna vjenčanja sa krasnim mladencima, ovako artikuliran review nisam do sada još dobio. U prilogu je c/p Ladinog reviewa uz veliku zahvalu Ladi i Kristijanu na suradnji i savršenom zajedničkom danu! Hvala vam dragi ljudi od <3


“Working with Srdjan is the same as hiring your “go to” person, your best friend. Not in a sense that pictures will resemble that of late night party weird faces, but in a sense that his calm and warm demeanor will make you feel like you must have known him for many lives. He approaches photographing his subjects with so much care and desire to capture not just the moment, but moment’s emotion. Having said that, he is a true professional in every sense of that word. He moves very swiftly and is amazing at articulating how he wishes for you to pose. While you can tell that he has put thought in how the photo shoot should progress, he does not mind to stop and listen to ideas that you (or someone tagging along such as in our case our maid of honor) might have. While working, he likes to joke and shows high interest in his subject’s background and interests. He even helped out with things that were coming up as the day progressed that were absolutely not related to photography: he drove part of our family to the photo shoot in his car, bought us water because none of us remembered to carry cash to a photo shoot in the outdoors, carried my bouquet, etc.

Even before the big day, communicating via email, we could sense that Srdjan not only has an artistic but also a very beautiful soul. We are so happy that meeting him and working with him has only proven our gut feeling. And that times ten…He has now become our friend and we are hoping to have a chance on our future trips to sit down and have a drink with him without his camera.”


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